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December 14, 2016

#1772: Startup Opportunity

Startup Opportunity

[Around a table, sitting in a meeting, are Ponytail, White Hat, Beret Guy, Hairy, Hairbun, and Cueball.]

White Hat: We’ve discovered that your company doesn’t do anything.

Beret Guy: How is that possible?! We have so many chairs!

[Close up on White Hat and Beret Guy.]

White Hat: You need to find an industry to disrupt.

Beret Guy: An…industry?

Beret Guy: Oh, yeah!

Beret Guy: The zoning thing from SimCity!

White Hat: No, like, a kind of business.

Beret Guy: How do I find those?

White Hat: I don’t know. What’s something you spend a lot of money on?

[Beat panel showing only Beret Guy.]

[White Hat, Beret Guy, Hairy, and Hairbun are shown. At left and right, respectively, parts of Ponytail’s and Cueball’s arms and lower bodies can be seen.]

Beret Guy: You know those mysterious shops that sell you magical items, and then it turns out they’re cursed, but when you go back later there’s no sign the shop was ever there?

Beret Guy: I get most of my stuff from those.

Beret Guy: Like groceries.

[Closeup on Hairy, Hairbun, and Cueball. Cueball has his hand on his chin.]

Hairy: We should go.

Hairbun: Wait. High-value sales, no regulation, and when customers try to complain, they can’t find you…

Cueball: Maybe this is the perfect startup.