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November 21, 2016

#1762: Moving Boxes

Moving Boxes

[A bunch of cardboard boxes stacked up, each labeled]

Contents: Grids Bison Checkerboards Fog

Contents: Beacons Elves Sand

Contents: Hemoglobin

Contents: Water Hooves

Contents: Shorebirds

Contents: Oil Vectors Silt

Contents: Membranes Shards

Contents: Shawls Glucose Kits

Hydrants Particles Knots

Contents: Graphite Taupe

Contents: Field Lines

Contents: Traps

Contents: Edges Tribes Dough

Contents: Dark Matter

Contents: Manifolds

Contents: Triangles Peat Crowns

Contents: Scrolls

[Caption below the panel:]

I always forget to label my moving boxes until they’re sealed up and I’ve forgotten what’s in them.