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November 14, 2016

#1759: British Map

British Map

[A black-and-white map of Great Britain. The detail on the map is minimal, showing mainly the outlines of the land, upward-pointing angles representing mountains, and points representing cities. The only other features are a small drawing of a protractor south of one peninsula, and a lake with two small sailboats on the west side of the largest landmass. The caption in the upper-right states in large letters “A BRITISH MAP,” then in smaller letters underneath, “LABELED BY AN AMERICAN.” Most of the map’s area is covered by labels for various features, which are listed below.]

[In Scotland, from north to south:] Helcaraxë Blick Everdeen Norther Sea (to the west) Highlands Loch Lomond Fjordham Glassdoor Eavestroughs Seasedge Meowth Chough Blighton Glutenfree

[In England, from north to south:] Eyemouth Earhand Hairskull Lakebottom Braintree Skinflower Weedle Bjork Crewneck Paisley Eeugh Aidenn Basil Hillfolk Waterdown Borough-Upon-Mappe Cadbury Landmouth (to the East) The Shire West Norsussex Redsox Hamwich Lionsgate Keebler South Norwessex Kingsbottom Cambridge Frampton Nothingham Cair Paravel Dampshire Cumberbatch Oxford Paulblart Corbyn London GMT BBC Channel 4 (to the West) Minas Tirith Tems-Upon-Thames Tubemap Hogsmeade Cambnewton Oughghough Efrafa Chansey Sundial Lower Bottom Dobby Menthol West Sea (to the West) Blandford Southframpton Tarp Longbit

[In Wales, from north to south:] Fhqwhgads Cabinetry Bloughshire Aberforth Dryford Kingsfriend Camelot The CW Whaling Moorhen Cardigan

[In Northern Ireland:] Belfast Devoe

[In the Republic of Ireland:] Dubstep