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October 7, 2016

#1743: Coffee


[Cueball and Megan are talking.]

Cueball: We should make coffee for our guests.

Megan: Crap. I know nothing about coffee.

Cueball: We’re basically fake adults.

Megan: Don’t panic. We can figure this out.

[Megan shakes a can of coffee grounds out on the floor as Cueball watches.]

Megan: We just pour the coffee grounds…

[Pan to only Megan who pours a pail of water over the grounds now lying in a pile on the floor.]

Megan: …Add water…

[Cueball watches as Megan vacuums up the mixture on the floor with a bag-less vacuum cleaner, the wire going off panel right behind her.]

Vacuum cleaner: Vrrrr

[Megan is holding the dirt canister from the vacuum cleaner over two lit gas burners on a stove. The canister free vacuum cleaner is standing behind her and Cueball is behind this watching her.]

Megan: Now we just hold it over the burners…

Burners: Hissss

[Megan is holding the dirt canister over one shoulder while pouring the hot content into a small mug, as Cueball watches. Three wiggly lines above the liquid indicates that it is hot.]

Megan: Annnd… serve.

Cueball: Nice!

Megan: I’m a regular Starbuck!