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October 28, 2016

#1752: Interplanetary Experience

Interplanetary Experience

[Caption above the panel:]

Where to go on Earth to get the Interplanetary Explorer Experience

[A chart with seven rows with celestial bodies on the left side of seven lines and a description on the right side. The first entry has three celestial bodies in two rows, the rest are in one row, although the last entry encompasses a list of planets. Four times the day/night side of the celestial bodies is mentioned in brackets.]

Pluto, Moon (night) Mt. Everest at night Mercury (night) Moon (day) Mt. Everest at noon under a tanning lamp Mercury (day) A lava flow on a volcano at noon Venus A heat-shrink wetsuit in a blast furnace Mars Mt. Everest at sunset Titan Waist-deep in an outgassing Siberian swamp Jupiter-Neptune Jumping from a high-altitude balloon over an Antarctic Ocean winter storm