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October 26, 2016

#1751: Movie Folder

Movie Folder

[Black Hat is sitting in an armchair, with the right arm on the armrest and looking at his smartphone held in his left hand, when a voice from behind him (off-panel left) addresses him. It turns out in the next panels that it is Cueball.]

Cueball (off-panel): Your movie folder is so weird. Where do you find all this stuff?

Black Hat: Dunno.

Black Hat: Around.

[In an frame-less panel Cueball is seen sitting in an office chair at a desk facing left. He is looking at Black Hat’s computer while typing on the keyboard which is on a shelve lower than the regular desk surface. Black Hat replies to his queries from behind him off-panel right.]

Cueball: Lorem Ipsum: The Movie?

Cueball: Titanic XCVIII?

Black Hat (off-panel): That series gets good when they start hitting the reef created by all the previous wrecks.

[Cueball leans in closer to the screen.]

Cueball: Debbie Did 9/11?

Cueball: Time Jam: A Connecticut Huskie on King Arthur’s Court?

Black Hat (off-panel): Really underrated Space Jam sequel.

[Zoom in on the scene so nothing beneath the keyboard is visible. The screen and Cueballs head almost spans the width of the panel.]

Cueball: Harold and Kumar Go to Howl’s Moving Castle?

Cueball: A Million Random Digits with 100,000 Normal Deviates?

Black Hat (off-panel): That’s the original-the book was a novelization.

[Back to Black Hat sitting in the chair as in the first panel, but leaning a bit further back and the arm on the armrest has been moved closer to him.]

Cueball (off-panel): Michael Bay’s The Vagina Monologues!?

Black Hat: It’s pretty good, despite all the CGI explosions.