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October 21, 2016

#1749: Mushrooms


[Cueball is squatting in front of a group of four mushrooms (two tiny, one small and one large), touching the top of the nearest and largest mushroom with a finger. This mushroom has several small dots, which becomes more visible in later panels. The other three mushrooms do not appear to have these dots. Megan is standing behind him looking on.]

Cueball: Mushrooms are so weird.

Megan: You know, evolutionarily, they’re closer to being animals than to plants.

[Megan starts walking away as Cueball now leans on the ground with the hand he touched the mushroom with. Only the large mushroom is visible in this and the rest of the panels.]

Cueball: …Really?

Megan: Yup!

[In a frame-less panel Cueball still squats in front of the mushroom, now resting his hand on his knees.]

[Cueball stands up looking down at the mushroom.]

[Cueball is walking away as the mushroom makes a sound indicated with several small lines emanating from the top of the mushroom along with a regular speech line.]

Mushroom: Grrrr

[Cueball snaps around to look at the mushroom again, standing in a prepared state arms slightly out and legs spread out as well.]