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October 14, 2016

#1746: Making Friends

Making Friends

[Cueball is walking with Ponytail holding her arms out while talking.]

Ponytail: Making friends is so much harder once you’re out of school.

Ponytail: Everyone’s so busy. And how do you even meet people?

[In this frame-less panel Cueball raises his arms in front of his chest while they walk on.]

Cueball: Here’s what I do:

Cueball: I pretend to be weak and injured, and wait for others to start circling, hoping to take my food, shelter, and nutrients.

[Cueball stop walking and lifts both arms straight out as Ponytail turns towards him.]

Cueball: Then, before they can descend, I start telling them cool facts about space until they like me.

Cueball: Bam, friendship!

Ponytail: This explains a lot.