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January 15, 2016

#1630: Quadcopter


[[A figure holding a phone is talking to a woman.]]

Figure: Magnus Carlsen has an app where you can play chess against a simulated version of him at different ages. I can beat the 8½-year-old, but lose to him at 9.

Woman: I want that, but for other games. Can I beat 8-year-old Serena Williams at tennis? Swim laps faster than a 6-year-old Michael Phelps?

Figure: We should make a simulator.

Figure: …Why limit it to games? Can I cook a better chicken than 11-year-old Martha Stewart?

Woman: Win an election against 12-year-old JFK?

[[The figures are sitting at laptops, with a stack of books between them.]]


Woman: Looks like 8-year old Magnus Carlsen can swim faster than 9-year-old Martha Stewart.

Figure: But they both lose a hot-dog-eating contest to 2-year-old Secretariat.

Woman: This project has gotten weird.