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September 30, 2015

#1584: Moments of Inspiration

Moments of Inspiration

Isaac Newton

[[A man sitting under a tree is hit in the head by a falling apple.]]


Newton: Ow!

[[Newton rubs his sore head.]]

Newton: Aha!

Lise Meitner

[[Someone throws a ball towards a woman, and it goes over her head.]]

Ball-thrower: Hey Lise, think fast!


[[The ball has hit one of her porcelain model atoms, splitting it in half. Lise surveys the damage.]]

Lise: Oh no! My collection of porcelain atoms! –


Charles Darwin

[[Charles Darwin and his wife are watching their four children drinking soda. Two drink through straws while two have beaks and are having trouble drinking.]]

Mrs. Darwin: I gave our kids soda, but the ones with beaks always have trouble drinking it.

Mr. Darwn: I’ve noticed that…

Albert Einstein

[[A train passes by in the background while Albert Einstein and another person look on from the foreground.]]

Einstein: I wish your twin brother would stop shining lights at us from that train. I can barely see my clock! -