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September 28, 2015

#1583: NASA Press Conference

NASA Press Conference

[[Someone stands at a podium with the NASA logo on it, speaking.]]

Spokesperson: That concludes the press conference. Any questions? - Yes, you, from… it just says “The News”?

[[With a crowd of nondescript people behind him, White Beret speaks into a microphone.]]

WB: Hi! I have a microphone so I’m real loud now. - How does this Mars data compare to data from other fields? Like medicine? Or sports?

[[The spokesperson responds from out of panel, we still see White Beret with the microphone.]]

Spokesperson: That question makes no sense.

WB: If there’s water on Mars, is it ruined? - Or will it be okay when it dries out?

Spokesperson: Any



[[A far side-view of spokesperson at the podium facing a crowd of various people, including White Beret.]]

WB: What were those guys hassling Luke in the Mos Eisley cantina trying to accomplish? I felt like I was supposed to understand that.

Spokesperson: Anyone



Other person: That’s now my question, too.

Another person: Were they just picking a fight?

Other person: If so, why did…