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September 21, 2015

#1580: Travel Ghost

Travel Ghost


[[A person monologues to another]]

Lots of apps let you plan your tirps using real-time bus, train, and traffic data. They try to predict which route will be faster, but aren’t always right.

Instead of just planning, my new app lets you send “ghost” versions of you along different routes, simulating their travel using the real-time data.

That way, you can see which route turned out to be faster in practice. You can also race your past selves.

[[Soon: Person dashing out of a taxi, twenty feet behind a ghost.]]

Ugh, lost to the bike ghost AGAIN.

[[Person carrying briefcase is on wrong side of door. On the other side, wife is standing with ghost also carrying briefcase. ]]

Person: Hey, my key won’t work.

Wife: I’m sorry, but we’ve decided to replace you. This floaty guy is much more punctual.

Person: But…

[[Two children hold hands with ghost]]

Children: Our NEW dad never misses our games!

[[Person, stretching out hands in desperate agony]]