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August 31, 2015

#1571: Car Model Names

Car Model Names

Certain letters and numbers are used disproporitionately often in car models compared to regular text.

See: Rev-4 CR-X x4 G6 MAXX

[[There is a bar chart here. With frequency scores for letters and umbers in car model names.]]

Bases on these scores, here are a few suggestions for car companies (with average letter scores)

SECTION: Names to avoid

Honda 2Chainz (-0.13)

Mitsubishi Fhqwhgads (-0.62)

Kia 49AndGothy (-2.96)

Chevrolet Niceguy (-3.09)

Oldsmobile GoodWood (-4.44)

Infinity Toothy69 (-4.51)

BMW Outhouse (-4.85)

Volkswagen Woodpony 7OH7 (-5.70)

Chrysler Uh Iono (-5.65)

Nissan Doody (-5.84)

SECTION: Potential hits

Honda 3Chainz (0.57)

Subaru Andre3000 (1.30)

Suzuki Sexism (1.82)

Lincoln Marxism (2.17)

Hyundai Climax (2.48)

Porsche Zizek9000 (3.06)

Lexus 3x3Cutrix (3.22)

Acura PizzaJazz (3.56)

Ford SixAxle 4x4 (3.95)

Toyota Cervixxx (4.85)