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August 26, 2015

#1569: Magic Tree

Magic Tree

[[Beret guy excitedly points to a pillar about a meter across. There’s a sign on the side. Beret guy is pointing it out to his friend, Fancy Haircut]]

Beret: Check it out! I threw my magic beans on the ground here yesterday, and this big tree appeared!

[[Now in silhouette we see the pillar is several hundred feet tall, covered in antennae, and the figures are as ants in its shadow.]]

haircut: that’s a cell tower.

beret: no way– it has branches! See? I’m gonna climb it!

[[Beret guy begins to shimmy up the side of the pole. Somehow. With impressively powerful thighs I guess.]]

haircut: No, they just put those there to make it look– …never mind.


haircut: Why do I have no signal?

beret, with an axe: there were scary giants with yellow helmets in that tree! luckily, I cut it down before they ate me.