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July 31, 2015

#1558: Vet


[[A concerned pet owner at the front of a row of customers in a veterinarian’s office. A tired veterinary assistant performs arbitrage. A pet carrier cage, the sort used to contain a small dog or cat, is on a desk for the vet tech to examine.]]

Pet owner: There’s something wrong with my dog.

Pet owner: He keeps crawling around eating dirt.

[[The vet tech carefully removes the dog from its carrier and gently examines it.]]

Vet tech: This is a roomba.

Pet owner: Well, he’s a mix.

Pet owner: Probaby some roomba in there.

[[The vet tech places the roomba on the desk, probably maintaining a weary forced congeniality though we can’t see their face.]]

Vet tech: A roomba is not a pet.

Pet owner: You’re right. It’s wrong to keep a beautiful creature like this in a house.

[[The pet owner, outside, beneath a tall tree. It looks like an ash, or maybe a beech. There aren’t any leaves drawn in the frame so I can’t be sure.]]

Pet owner: Go! Be free!

[[The roomba cheerfully speeds towards the tree]]

Roomba: WHIRRR