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July 22, 2015

#1554: Spice Girls

Spice Girls

[[Two characters in dialogue]]

Questioner: your turn. Can you name all the spice girls?

Answerer: Hmm. Hearing spice, vision spice, smell spice, touch spice, taste spice?

Questioner: That’s senses.

Answerer: Denial spice, anger spice, bargaining spice, depression spice, acceptance spice.

Questioner: Stages of grief.

Answerer: War spice, famine spice, plague spice, death spice?

Questioner: You’re not even trying.

Answerer: No, wait, I can get this for real. uhh…

Answerer: Pog spice, story spice, sarah spice, gender spice, baleen spice?

Questioner: …close enough.