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June 19, 2015

#1540: Hemingway


Hemingway’s Rough Drafts

[[A list.]]

For Sale: This Gullible Baby’s Shoes

Baby Shoes For Sale By Owner

((crossed out))Actually, there’s no evidence Hemingway wrote

Free Shoes, Provided You Overpower Baby

For Sale: Weird Baby’s Toe Shoes

For Sale: Baby Shoes ((check mark))Prime Eligible

((crossed out))Though popularly attributed to Hemingway, the

This Weird Trick Covers Baby Feet!

For Sale: Baby Shoes, Just Hatched

Sale: Seven-League Boots (expedited shipping)

Complete This Survey for Free Shoes!


, by Ernest Hemingway [citation needed]

Baby Shoes!<



For Sale: Baby-sized Saddle, Bobcat

Hemingway Busted for Craigslist Shoe Scam