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May 27, 2015

#1530: Keyboard Mash

Keyboard Mash

[[A person walks toward their computer desk as the screen indicates “new chat message.”]]

[[The screen shows a text conversation (where lines are contained in speech bubble boxes) between White Hat Guy and the first person.]]

WHG: Can’t sleep. Stupid dogs keep barking.


FP: Ugh, I’m sorry. Maybe you could…

  ...OK, wait. I have to ask. 

  How did you hit a "7" in the middle there?

WHG: Huh?

      I was just randomly keyboard mashing.

FP: Sorry, right.

WHG: Anyway,

FP: …I know this is silly, but like… all your hands were clearly on the home row.

 I don't get how one finger could have stretched up to the "7."

WHG: Why do you always fixate on these bizarre details?

FG: I don’t know.


WHG: It’s weird, is all.

[[A giant spider dangles from the ceiling, typing at a laptop on a desk, while White Hat Guy is suspended upside down, wrapped in spider thread. The chair lies on the floor on its side. The conversation continues on the computer.]]

Spider:I am a normal human typing with my human hands.

FP: Yeah, of course.

  I know.

((MMM!! MMPH!!!))