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May 11, 2015

#1523: Microdrones


[[Two figures. One is standing, one is sitting at a desk with a laptop computer.]]

Standing: So how do we regulate all these micro drones? I mean, amazon delivery bots sound cool…

[[Standing figure is suddenly surrounded by tiny robots.]]

Standing: But I worry that overnight we’ll realize we’re surrounded by these things, no one will know who’s controlling them, and then BAM, sci-fi dystopia.

[[Standing figure is back next to sitting figure. Sitting figure turns their full attention to standing figure.]]

Sitting: If you wanna slow it down, why not just remove all regulations, but then make drone theft legal?

[[Standing figure, ponders while sitting figure returns to the laptop.]]

Standing: …I LIKE that.

Sitting: You write to congress. I’ll stock up on butterfly nets.