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May 1, 2015

#1519: Venus


[[A teacher holding a pointer stands in front of a backdrop of a lush, coastal field filled with flower and greenhouses.]]

Teacher: Venus was once temperate. It had seas and rivers, and Venusians cultivated vast fields of beautiful flowers.

[[The backdrop is now a shot of an earth-like Venus seen from space, with greenhouses flying rapidly away from it.]]

Teacher: Until their greenhouses fled the planet due to the runaway greenhouse effect.

[[A little girl is seen sitting at a desk, listening to the teacher speak.]]

Teacher: The Venusians pursued their greenhouses to Earth, settling in the Netherlands and kickstarting the Dutch floral industry. Any questions?

[[A close-up on the teacher’s profile, the student is out of panel.]]

Student: Because you’re retiring in a month, do you just not care what you say anymore?





atop a screaming bird of truth! Also, yes, I do not.