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April 6, 2015

#1508: Operating Systems

Operating Systems

[[A timeline comic.]]

Title: Operating systems running in my house.

In 1985, begins running MS DOS.

In 1993, begins running Windows.

In 1994, begins running Mac OS.

In 1998, stops running MS DOS.

In 2000, starts running Linux

In 2001, stops running Mac OS.

In 2007, stops running Windows.

In 2009, starts running OSX and Android.

In 2013, starts running iOS.

“Now” is marked as 2015.

In 2016, stops running Android.

In 2018, stops running Linux, starts running SOMETHING.JS

In 2019, iOS and OSX merge into one.

In 2023, starts running Tinder OS.

In 2024, stops running OSX and starts running NEST.

In 2028, stops running SOMETHING.JS and starts running Elon Musk Project.

In 2029, stops running Tinder OS and starts running DOS, but ironically.

In 2032, stops running NEST.

In 2034, starts running Blood DRone.

In 2036, stops running DOS, but ironically.

In 2041, stops running Blood Drone and Elon Musk Project as HUMAN CIVILIZATION ENDS IN FIRE.

In 2059, starts running GNU