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April 17, 2015

#1513: Code Quality

Code Quality

[[An AMATEUR CODER excitedly gestures a PRO CODER towards a laptop computer on a desk.]]

Amateur: Keep in mind that I’m self-taught, so my code may be a little messy.

Pro: Lemme see, I’m sure it’s fine.

[[PRO CODER sits at the desk, clacking at the laptop.]]

Pro: Wow. This is like being in a house built by a child using nothing but a hatchet and a picture of a house.

[[PRO CODER leans forward, slightly engrossed.]]

Pro: It’s like a salad recipe written by a corporate lawyer using a phone autocorrect that only knew excel formulas.

[[PRO CODER leans back, slightly horrified.]]

Pro: It’s like someone took a transcript of a couple arguing at ikea and made random edits until it compiled without errors.

Amateur: OKAY I will read a style guide.