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April 1, 2015

#1506: xkcloud


[[Randall monologues behind his official XKCD desk.]]

Randall: We’ve made a huge mistake.

Randall: I figured starting a cloud services company would be EASY. After all, I’ve got TONS of computers!

[[Randall gestures to a mound of various and sundry mini computers, from a lowly Commodore to a large Alienware.]]

[[Close zoom on Randall’s featureless oval face.]]

Randall: Facebook, twitter, tumblr - they all struggle to protect privacy and user data.

Randall: And we offered a solution.

Randall: I forget what it was, though.

[[Wide zoom to Randall waving his arms in a conciliatory manner.]]

Randall: Anyway, long story short, we screwed up IMMEDIATELY and lost TONS of their data.

Randall: Also a bunch of stuff is literally on fire?

[[Randall is back behind the desk.]]

Randall: We can fix this. But we need your help.

Large red banner: Help us recover user data before facebook & co notice we lost it.