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March 27, 2015

#1504: Opportunity


((The year is 2010. Two scientists hunker over a large console.))

First scientist: After six years, Spirit is down, but Opportunity is still going strong.

Second scientist: Tough little rover.

((The year is 2015. Two scientists dialogue over radio while a tiny wheeled robot drives cheerfully across the martian surface.))

First scientist: Eleven years, wow.

Second scientist: Wasn’t the original mission 90 days?

First scientist: This is starting to get weird.

((The year is 2023. Two nerds hunker over a sleek computer.))

First nerd: The battery is totally disconnected. How can it still be moving??

Second nerd: Given what it did to the mars 2020 rover, we may never know.

((The year is 2450. A planetary administrator stands with their child on a martian plateau, with a good view of a small city, some flying cars, and even some pyramids!))

Administrative god-king: Everything the light touches is our kingdom.

Future despoiler of worlds: What’s that dark area?

Administrative god-king: That is Opportunity’s half of the planet. We must never go there.