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March 20, 2015

#1501: Mysteries


[[Title of this comic is MYSTERIES, it’s a graph with two axis. The horizontal axis ranges from NOT THAT WEIRD to WEIRD AS HELL. The vertical axis ranges from I HAVE NO EXPLANATION to EXPLANATION SEEMS PRETTY CLEAR.]]

[[Not that weird and i have no explanation]]

who carly simon is singing about in you’re so vain

lindbergh baby


toynbee tiles

jimmy hoffa

[[Not that weird and explanation seems pretty clear]]

voynich manuscript


why i keep putting ice cream back in the fridge instead of the freezer

oak island money pit

[[I have no explanation and weird as hell]]

the wow signal

db cooper

mh 370

lead masks case

salish sea feet

mary celeste

[[weird as hell and explanation seems pretty clear]]

zodiac letters

amelia earhart

lost colony

kentucky meat shower


loch ness monster

dyatlov pass incident