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March 2, 2015

#1493: Meeting


((An enthusiastic, beret-clad figure gives a presentation. A logo fills the background, it reads Company name dot website: If you’re reading this, the web server was installed correctly. «Trademark symbol» ))

Beret: Welcome to a meeting! I’m almost out of words so I’ll keep this short. Just wanna touch bases.

Beret: First, a few updates. We’ve learned from the state police that the self driving car project we launched by accident during this morning’s carpool has come to an end about ninety miles outside of town. Very exciting!

Beret: Profits are up. Sales, any luck figuring out who our customers are?

Sales: Nope. Money keeps appearing, but we have no idea how or why.

Beret: Great!

Beret: Oh, and one last thing; I saw a cool red beetle in the hall. Can someone add it to the bug tracker?

Off panel: Just did!

Beret: Thanks!