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February 23, 2015

#1490: Atoms


[[A beret-wearing figure interrupts a Scienceer in the midst of their work.]]

Beret: What’re you doing?

Scienceer: Testing a saple for beryllium.

Beret: That? Yeah, there’s a bunch of berylliums.

Scienceer: How do you know?

[[Beret picks up the sample.]]

Beret: Look at it! See? Tons of oxygens and silicons, a few irons, but definitely some berylliums, too! Can’t you see them?

Scienceer: No, I can’t see a list of the atoms in a thing by looking.

Beret: How do you tell what things are?

Scienceer: This is ridiculous. Look at me. What do you see?

Beret: You have tons of metal in your face. Lots of fillings, I guess?

Scienceer: What’s WRONG with you?

[[Beret looks worriedly at own wrist.]]

Beret: Too many zincs? I’ve always worried I had too much zinc and everyone thought I was weird.