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February 20, 2015

#1489: Fundamental Forces

Fundamental Forces

[[A stick figure lectures]]

Figure: There are four fundamental forces between particles: (1) Gravity, which obeys this inverse square law: Fgravity = G(M1M2)


Off-panel: Ok…

Figure: (2) Electromagnetism, which obeys this inverse-square law: Fstatic = Ke (q1q2)


Figure: ANd also maxwell’s equations

Off-panel: Also what?

Figure: (3) The Strong Nuclear Force, which obeys uh… well, umm… It holds protons and neutrons together.

Off-panel: I see.

Figure: It’s strong.

Figure: And (4) The Weak Force. It [mumble mumble] radioactive decay [mumble mumble]

Off-panel: That’s not a sentence. You just said “Radio-

Figure: -And those are the four fundamental forces!