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December 30, 2015

#1623: 2016 Conversation Guide

2016 Conversation Guide

[A chart with three columns of text with only one entry to the left - which is written in the middle of the panel. Then there is one line going right from this text but soon it splits into seven lines going either up (3), almost straight (2) or down (2) ending in arrows that points to the next column with seven entries for different possible future inventions. From each of these entries a horizontal arrow continues to the last column at the right with seven more entries commenting on these inventions.]

It’s 2016 – Where’s my…

Flying car → They’re called “helicopters”

Jetpack → Turns out people are huge wimps about crashing

Moon colony → No one has put up the cash

Self-driving car → Coming surprisingly soon

Floating sky city → Turns out cities are heavy

Hoverboard → This question is now ambiguous thanks to a new scooter thing (and will lead to an argument about the meaning of “hoverboard” which is way less interesting than either kind of hoverboard)

Robot butler → He was called “Jeeves” and he wasn’t that great