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December 21, 2015

#1619: Watson Medical Algorithm

Watson Medical Algorithm

[[A figure stands by a pit, while a woman is in the pit opening a container. There’s a shovel and some earth to the side.]]

Woman: All right, let’s open the time capsule.

[[The lid is off the capsule. Inside is Beret Guy.]]

Beret guy: Hi!

Woman: Where did you come from?!

Beret guy: The past! I traveled here in this time machine.

Figure: How did you… get here from the past?

Beret guy: I dunno. I couldn’t not.

Figure: But… what did you eat?

Beret guy: Newspapers, mostly.

[[Beret guy holds up a hammer.]]

Beret guy: Anyway, I’m here to kill Hitler.

Woman: But he died long ago!

Beret guy: Oh, good! That was easy. Want to get sandwiches? Do you still have sandwiches?