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November 9, 2015

#1601: Isolation



[[Three people in a room. One reading while standing, one sitting in a chair and reading, and a third quite belligerent.]]

Person: The modern bookworm is too busy reading about the world to look at it.


[[Person behind a person eating a meal and reading a newspaper]]

Person: No one talks anymore- We take our daily newspapers in silence.


[[Person behind another person walking along and reading a periodical]]

Person: The magazine is destroying conversation. We read even as we walk!


[[Person observing two kids in front of a TV]]

Person: Television has put an end to family discussion.


[[Person on public transportation surrounded by others lost in their own audio]]

Person: Thanks to the Sony Walkman, anti-social isolation is now the norm.


[[Person behind two others on their smartphones]]

Person: We’ve become too absorbed in our phones to notice the-

Person 2: Dude. It’s been two centuries.

Take a hint.