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November 18, 2015

#1605: DNA


White Hat Guy: Biology is largely solved. DNA is the source code for our bodies. Now that gene sequencing is easy, we just have to read it.

Person 2: It’s not just “source code”. There’s a ton of feedback and external processing.

Person 2: But even if it were, DNA is the result of the most aggressive optimization process in the universe, running in parallel at every energy level, in every living thing, for four billion years.

White Hat Guy: It’s still just code.

[[White Hat Guy sits down at a desk with a laptop]]

Person 2: Ok, try opening google.com and clicking “view source”.

White Hat Guy: Ok, I- …oh my god.

Person 2: That’s just a few years of optimization by Google devs. DNA is thousands of times longer and way, way worse.

White Hat Guy: Wow, biology is impossible.