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October 5, 2015

#1586: Keyboard Problems

Keyboard Problems

[[Person 1 sits on the floor facing a laptop with another laptop behind them. The second laptop has an external keyboard attached. Person 2 stands looking at Person 1.]]

Person 1: Keys on my keyboard keep failing, even when I boot from an external recovery disk.

Person 2: Sounds like it’s hardware, then.

[[Person 1 turns slightly to reach the second laptop.]]

Person 1: Yeah… except the problem followed me from my last computer.

Person 2: You have the most bizarre tech issues.

[[Person 1 has unplugged the keyboard from the second laptop and plugged it into the first laptop.]]

Person 1: It must be spreading via keyboards. This one won’t work with any computer now.

Person 2: When the robot apocalypse happens, I’m hiding out in your house. Any Skynet drones that come near will develop inexplicable firmware problems and crash.