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October 19, 2015

#1592: Overthinking


[[A person and White Hat Guy walk along]]

Person 1: I found a study* that said water is good for you, but you should just drink it when you feel thirsty, and not go overboard.

White Hat Guy: Uh huh?

{{Footnote*: DOI:10.1097


Person 1: Another study* found that prolonged sitting isn’t necessarily bad for you, as long as you’re also getting exercise.

White Hat Guy: Okay…

{{Footnote*: DOI 10.1093



Person 1:Now a study* claims that humans in pre-industrial societies stay up late, and sleep 6 or 7 horus a night, just like most people today.

White Hat Guy: Huh. So what you’re saying is..

{{Footnote*: DOI: 10.1016


Person 1: Maybe we’re overthinking it.

White Hat Guy: But what caused our modern epidemic of overthinking?! Plumbing? Or is it email?

Person 1: Modern? I bet the wheel was invented by someone overthinking “pushing”.

{{Title text: On the other hand, it took us embarrassingly long to clue in to the lung cancer

cigarette thing, so I guess the real lesson is “figuring out which ideas are true is hard.”}}