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January 30, 2015

#1480: Super Bowl

Super Bowl

[[A single character delivers a monologue.]]

Character: I don’t know much about sports, which can be culturally isolating, so it’s tempting to get vocal and defensive about not following them.

Character: Caring about something makes people vulnerable, so NOT caring gives you power.

[[Two small graphics depicting weather fronts, and a spacecraft.]]

Character: But I know the things I’m into don’t always sound interesting to 100% of the people around me, and it means a lot when they sometimes try to listen anyway–and maybe even find themselves sharing some of my excitement!

Character: So while everyone is going on about the super bowl on Sunday, let me tell you what I’LL be doing:

Character: Listening!

Character: Hooray for friendship!

Character (quietly): Also, eating snacks.

Character (quietly): Hooray for snacks!