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September 29, 2014

#1427: iOS Keyboard

iOS Keyboard

Movie Quotes

[[Drawing of iOS 8 keyboard with “elementary, my dear” on the input line and “friend,” “lord,” and “friends” on the suggestion line]]

According to iOS 8 keyboard prediction

[[Tony Montana from Scarface holding a gun]]

Say hello to my little ((gray text)) sister and my mom and my dad and my friends

[[Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz]]

Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not ((gray text)) going to the gym today

[[James Bond and a woman]]

Bond. James Bond ((gray text)) yields

[[Wash from Firefly


I’m a leaf on the wind. Watch ((gray text)) me play the piano

[[Mikey from The Goonies]]

Goonies never say ((gray text)) anything

[[Gimli from The Lord of The Rings]]

((off scene)) You have my sword.

((off scene)) And my bow.

And my ((gray text)) dad