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September 17, 2014

#1422: My Phone is Dying

My Phone is Dying

[[Beret guy walks up to a figure, holding his phone.]]

Beret guy: My phone’s about to die.

[[They stand and look at each other. Beret Guy’s phone seems a bit bigger.]]

Figure: Where’d you get a big iPhone? I didn’t think they were out yet.

Beret guy: It’s my regular one. It’s just dying.

[[His phone is now the size of a tablet.]]

Beret guy: As it consumes its battery, it heats up and expands. Soon it will swell to enormous size, engulfing us both.

[[His phone is now the size of a badger.]]

Beret guy: Then it will collapse in a violent explosion!

Figure: … Do you want to borrow my charger?

Beret guy: That would only make it run out faster!