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September 10, 2014

#1419: On the Phone

On the Phone

[[Shaggy-haired person walking across panel. A voice is heard out of panel.]]

SHP: Why is there a teapot in the bathroom?

OOP: Sorry. When I’m on the phone I always zone out and pick stuff up and carry it around.

[[SHP at the open fridge door, holding a hammer.]]

SHP: There’s a hammer in the fridge.

OOP: Another phone call. I was just fidgeting.

[[SHP walks by four stacks of objects. They consist of books, baseballs, blenders, and other unidentified rectangular objects.]]

SHP: Did you put all our stuff in weird stacks?

OOP: Long call. Sorry.

[[SHP goes out to the backyard, looks up at towering monolith.]]

SHP: …why is there a giant obelisk in the backyard?

OOP: Phone again. My bad.

SHP: It’s carved with prayers to “Ba’al, the Soul-Eater.”

OOP: Haha! I’m so absentminded.