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August 29, 2014

#1414: Writing Skills

Writing Skills

[[White Hat Guy and another guy are walking along. WHG is reading an article.]]

WHG: Weird - another study found that kids who use SMS abbreviations actually score


on grammar and spelling tests.

Other guy: Why on


is that a surprise?

[[Other guy expounds while an inset panel shows various kids throwing and catching balls while doing such things as walking the dog and eating lunch.]]

OG: Imagine kids start playing catch literally

all the time

. Everywhere they go, they throw balls back and forth, toss them in the air, and hurl them at trees and signs - nearly every waking hour of their lives.

[[WHG starts to walk away.]]

OG:Do you think their generation will suck at baseball because they learned sloppy skills?

WHG: …so you think someone will become a great writer while



[[They both walk together.]]

OG: Have you


James Joyce’s love letters? The phrases “my little fuckbird” and “arse full of farts” appear. If we want to write


, our generation may not be sexting



WHG: Eww.