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May 7, 2014

#1365: Inflation


[[Scientists are standing and sitting at a computer.]]

Sitting: Imprinted on the sky

Sitting: Are the gravity waves that were sloshing across the universe.

[[The sitting character holds hands a short distance apart.]]

Sitting: When it was

this big


Sitting: So really, we’re using the entire universe

Sitting: As a giant microscope

Sitting: Pointed at itself when it was small.

[[Sitting turns to the computer.]]

Standing: That’s neat.

Sitting: Yeah. But…

Standing: But what?

Sitting: Well, look.

Standing: Oh. Hmm.

Sitting: Yeah.

Standing: What…

Sitting: I don’t know.

[[ The final panel is a picture of the early universe, through a Mollweide projection. The lines typical of a basketball can be seen, as well as the word ‘Spalding’ ]]