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April 7, 2014

#1352: Cosmologist on a Tire Swing

Cosmologist on a Tire Swing

[[A child and an adult are walking across a grassy park with puddles strewn across it and trees nearby.]]

Child: What was before the Big Bang?

Adult: I think time began with the Big Bang. So it doesn’t make sense to ask what came before it.

From offscreen: Look out!

[[A cosmologist on a tire swing comes swinging by the pair.]]

Cosmologist: Wheeeee hi I’m a cosmologist on a tire swing!

[[The cosmologist swings back the other way.]]

Cosmologist: We don’t know whether time–

[[Another swing the other direction…]]

Cosmologist: –started at the Big Bang.

[[Another swing.]]

Cosmologist: It might have!

[[Another swing.]]

Cosmologist: Or maybe not! We don’t know!

Adult: Oh. Ok!

[[Another swing.]]

Child: …your tire swing looks fun!

Cosmologist: I can’t stop!

[[Continues swinging.]]

Child: Won’t the swing stop on its own?

Cosmologist: I thought it would but it seems to be accelerating.

Child: Cosmology sounds pretty confusing.

Cosmologist: Wheeeee!