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February 21, 2014

#1333: First Date

First Date

[[A man and a woman sit at an intimate dinner table. They have plates and glasses of wine in front of them.]]

Man: So, did you grow up around here?

Woman: I love you.

Man: … huh?

Woman: Waiter! One of everything on the menu.

[[The woman stands up. She’s holding the plate.]]

Man: Why are you up there?

Woman: I’m stuck. This plate looks delicious. Aaaoogaoag.

[[The woman has put the plate down and walked off-panel.]]

Woman: Bye. OK. Coming back now.

[[The woman is crouched on her chair, holding a spiral.]]

Man: You’re being controlled by Twitch, aren’t you?

Woman: Check out this cool spiral!

Man: It’s-

Woman: SAVING.