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February 17, 2014

#1331: Frequency


[[A grid of individual text items, five columns wide by ten rows tall. Each describes a particular event, and periodically individual items flash to full opacity before gradually fading again, indicating the average frequency of each occurring.]]

((First row: heartbeat, one birth, one death, someone edits Wikipedia, someone buys a vibrator.))

((Second row: China builds a car, Japan builds a car, Germany builds a car, the US builds a car, someone else builds a car.))

((Third row: a European Union resident has their first kiss, a US fire department puts out a fire, someone hits a hole-in-one, my turn signal blinks, the turn signal of the car in front of me blinks.))

((Fourth row: earthquake (magnitude 1), earthquake (magnitude 2), earthquake (magnitude 3), earthquake (magnitude 4), member of the UK parliament flushes a toilet.))

((Fifth row: an airline flight takes off, someone buys To Kill a Mockingbird, someone’s pet cat kills a mockingbird, someone in Phoenix buys new shoes, someone in Phoenix puts on a condom.))

((Sixth row: someone locks their keys in their car, a Sagittarius named Amelia drinks a soda, a dog bites someone in the US, someone steals a bicycle, a bald eagle catches a fish.))

((Seventh row: 50000 plastic bottles are produced, 50000 plastic bottles are recycled, a bright meteor is visible somewhere, old faithful erupts, a fishing boat catches a shark.))

((Eighth row: someone in the US is diagnosed with cancer, someone in the US dies from cancer, someone adopts a dog from a shelter, someone adopts a cat from a shelter, someone gets married.))

((Ninth row: someone registers a domain, someone in the US buys a house, someone in the US gets a tattoo, the star PSR J1748-2446AD rotates 1000 times, someone lies about their age to sign up for Facebook.))

((Tenth row: someone breaks an iPhone screen, a little league player strikes out, someone has sex in North Dakota, Justin Bieber gains a follower on Twitter, someone in Denver orders a pizza.))