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December 3, 2014

#1455: Trolley Problem

Trolley Problem

[[Stick Guy, holding a newspaper, walks up to Black Hat, who is sitting at a desk and facing the other way.]]

SG: Ever heard of the trolley problem?

BH: No. What is it?

[[Close up on Stick Guy.]]

SG: A trolley is barreling towards five helpless people on the tracks. You can pull a lever to direct it onto another track, but-

[[Black Hat turns his wheelie desk chair to face Stick Guy.]]

BH: Can I reach the lever without getting up?

SG: Wait, I’m not-

BH: In this scenario, how busy am I?

[[Stick Guy and Black Hat facing each other.]]

SG: I guess I forgot who I was talking to.

BH: For a dollar, I’ll promise to pull the lever if one of the five people is you.