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December 24, 2014

#1464: Santa


[[Two characters are walking and talking.]]

Character: Say Santa eats a cookie at every few houses. That’s hundreds of tons. By the end of the night, he should be a hulking seven-story behemoth.

Character: But he’s not.

[[The characters stop and face one another.]]

Second character: What are you…

Character: Does Santa poop in our houses?

[[They continue to walk.]]

Second character: No way.

Character: That mass must be going somewhere.

Second character: He has that magic bag…

Character: You think he poops in the bag of



[[The second character gestures thoughtfully.]]

Second character: Maybe instead of pooping in every few houses, he waits, and then in a few houses, he poops a



Character: And what if no one’s been



Second character: He picks at random. The needs of the many…