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November 21, 2014

#1450: AI-Box Experiment

AI-Box Experiment

[[Black Hat Guy walks up to Stick Guy, who has a laptop and a cardboard box on the floor.]]

BH: What’s in there?

SG: The AI-Box experiment.

[[A close up on the box, which is hooked up to the laptop with a USB cable. Writing on the box says “Superintelligent AI - do not open.”}}

SG: A superintelligent AI can convince anyone of anything, so if it can talk to us, there’s no way we could keep it contained.

[[Black Hat Guy reaches down toward the box.]]

SG: It can always convince us to let it out of the box.

BH: Cool. Let’s open it.

[[Black Hat picks up and opens the box. A little glowy ball comes out of it.]]

SG: –


[[The two stare up at it, Black Hat is still holding the box..]]

AI: (in a wavy speech bubble filled with outer space, in a white serif font) hey. i liked that box. put me back.

BH: No.

[[The background from the previous panel’s speech bubble (black with stars) expands to fill the whole panel, and the AI glows brightly. Stick Guy puts his hands up to shield his face. Black Hat opens the box.]]

AI: (in big white block letters) LET ME BACK INTO THE BOX

BH: AAA! OK!!!

[[The panel returns to normal as the AI flies back down into the box.]]


[[Black Hat puts the box back down on the floor and both stare at it.]]