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October 27, 2014

#1439: Rack Unit

Rack Unit

[[Black hat guy walks up to a woman sitting at a computer desk.]]

Black hat guy: I’ve discovered something.

Woman: Oh?

[[We see a close-up of black hat guy’s face.]]

Black hat guy: Standard server rack units and standard beehive honeycomb frames are compatible. They’re both 19 inches, with similar pitches.

Woman: Uh oh.

[[The woman has turned round in her chair to look at black hat guy.]]

Black hat guy: I’m pleased to announce that today, for a few hours, Google led the world in datacenter honey production. Until their security people kicked me out.

[[The woman turns back to her computer, while black hat guy walks off.]]

Woman: I’m sorry your beekeeping career ended so quickly.

Black hat guy: I’ll find a new datacentre. Turns out most colocation TOSes don’t mention beehives.

Woman: I suspect that will soon change.