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January 8, 2014

#1314: Photos


[[A man in a hat stands next to another figure on a roof. There’s a sunset; in the distance, there are three people taking photos of the skyline as the sun sets.]]

Hat guy: Ugh, I hate how people take pictures instead of just enjoying the view.

Figure: Why?

[[Hat guy turns to the figure.]]

Hat guy: Documenting your live distracts you from living it. You’re not really-

Figure: Oh, come on.

[[We zoom on their faces.]]

Figure: Trying to take a picture of a thing makes me pay more attention to it. Some of my best adventures are built around trying to photograph something.

[[We just see the figure’s face.]]

Figure: If “other people having experiences incorrectly” is annoying to you, think how unbearable it must be to have a condescending stranger tell you they hate the way you’re experiencing your life at just the moment you’ve found something you want to remember. Why the fuck do you care how someone else enjoys a sunset?

[[We zoom back out.]]

Hat guy: Well, they… Because I just, uh… …

[[The figure takes out a camera.]]

Figure’s camera: «Click»