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January 27, 2014

#1322: Winter


[[Two figures, one in a winter hat and the other in a beret, are walking through snow and across a patch of ice.]]

Beret Figure: The sky is cold and the floor water is too hard to drink.

[[The figure with the beret looks upwards.]]

Beret Figure: But I have my handcoats and the spacelight is warm.

[[The two figures continue on through woods; there are musical notes coming from the trees.]]

Beret Figure: Listen - the flappy planes are beeping in the stick towers.

[[The figure with the winter hat pauses.]]

Hat Figure: Those are all the wrong words for those things.

((Beret Figure replies from off panel.))

Beret Figure: Maybe - but the things themselves are all right. So who cares?

[[The figure with the winter hat continues walking, with sunlight and musical notes above.]]