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January 24, 2014

#1321: Cold


[[Two figures in winter hats, one hat white and the other hat black, are walking.]]

White Hat: It is brutal out. So much for global warming, huh?

«Black Hat sighs»

Black Hat: This used to happen all the time.

White Hat: What?

[[A picture of an x-y plot, with years from 1970 to 2014 along the x-axis and dots rising up for each year, mostly concentrated from 1970 to 1999. The plot is labeled “Days with lows < 0°F”.]]

Black Hat: You’re from St. Louis, right? On average, it used to get below 0°F there a handful of days per year. But you haven’t had a day like that since the nineties.

[[The two figures continue walking.]]

Black Hat: Then, in 2014, when the first polar vortex hit, it dipped below zero for two days. And everyone freaked out because what used to be normal now feels too cold.

White Hat: It is too cold!

[[Panel labeled “The future:” contains a generic figure, looking at a frozen puddle on the ground.]]

Figure: Look at this - ice! In St. Louis! So much for global warming.

«off-panel sigh»